Global Applicants

Applicants may apply to compete for a limited number of open slots to participate in the intensive Summer Academy in Atlanta.  These applicants or their sponsors are responsible for the registration fees and all other related expenses. Additional information...

Who should apply?

Qualified, credentialed (post graduate or doctoral level) professionals or with equivalent public health experience whose work forcuses on non-communicable diseases, and who has/is:

  • demonstrated committment to working to improve the quality of health systems in her/his home country.
  • interested in learning how implementation science can help to improve systems related to NCDs.
  • highly motivated, curious, creative and committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative work.
  • able to read and comprehend journal and scientific articles, and participate in discussion groups in English. Proof of English language ability may be required.

Application Requirements

  • Application must be submitted in English. NOTE: All applications will be run through a plagiarism checker.  Any application found to have plagiarized content will be automatically disqualified. 
  • Completed online application form (linked below).
  • Statement of Purpose (maximum 2 pages): Describe in the context of your relevant public health experience, professional goals and career plans, how your participation in this program will enable you to have an impact on public health and non-communicable diseases in your home country.  Please do not repeat what is in your CV/resume. NOTE: Address your cover letter to: PH-LEADER Program Selection Committee.
  • Updated curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
  • Two letters of support from professional references (to be submitted directly by the referee to ph-leader[at] as indicated below).
  • Non-native speakers of English will be asked to demonstrate advanced English speaking ability if selected into the program.
  • This is an equal opportunity program; women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Submission Instructions:

All documents must follow the naming convention below and applicant's names must be consistent throughout the application.

For example, applicant "Rodríguez" securing letters of reference from "Vargas" and "Ramos" would look like this:

  • CV: Applicantname_CV (e.g.: Rodríguez_CV)
  • Cover Letter: Applicantname_LI (e.g.: Rodríguez_LI)
  • Letters of Support:  Applicantname_LOS_Refereename (e.g.: Rodríguez_LOS_Ramos; Rodríguez_LOS_Vargas)
    • Letter of support may be submitted by the person providing the letter directly to:  ph-leader[at] or the applicant via the website.

Note:  Supervisor Acknowledment form is not required for global applicants.

Application Documents