Gauravi Mishra, MD

Associate Professor and Physician

Department of Preventive Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India


Dr. Gauravi Mishra received her medical degree in community medicine from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India, and holds additional diplomas in public health (DPH), from CPS University, Mumbai, India, and in hospital administration (DHA) from All India Institute of Local Self Government, Mumbai, India. Her research interests include investigating newer methodologies for early detection of cancers, and working on different modalities of tobacco control and cessation.  Through the PH-LEADER program, she hopes to enhance her leadership and communication skills in order to have greater impact on public health programs, to improve her understanding of the complexities of administering integrated national-level health programs, and to develop the skills to effectively draw attention to and engage policy decision makers to discuss, adopt and implement sustainable country level public health programs.

Project Title: Acceptability of Screening for Cervical Cancer using HPV Self Sampling among Women In India