Oscar Efrén Zazueta, BA, MD

Research Associate

State Ministry of Health

Professor of Epidemiology

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California


Dr. Oscar Efrén Zazueta received his Bachelor’s and Medical degrees from Monterrey Technologic University in Mexico, and completed a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Dr. Zazueta is currently a Master’s candidate at Harvard School of Public Health. He has a special interest in NCDs given the epidemiological transition that is taking place in Mexico and around the world. From his perspective, academic institutions, ministries of health, Non-Governmental Organizations, and international organizations need to work in a multidisciplinary fashion in order to overcome this and other emerging health problems. He believes that the coordination of all these actors requires prepared public health leaders, and he is convinced that the PH-Leader Program from Emory University offers a robust preparation in order to achieve this goal.

Project Title: Testing the accuracy of two mortality databases for mortality-linkage in Mexico