PH-LEADER offers a collaborative interdisciplinary professional development program for public health professionals. Learn More...

Academy participants will develop applied skills in management and prevention of NCDs.  Learn More...

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Join other highly motivated public health professionals working in NCDs in a leadership skills development course, and enhance your ability to address pressing public health issues in rapidly changing environments. Apply Now...

Consortium Members

Rollins School of Public HealthINSP Public Health Foundation of India

What is the PH-Leader Program?

An interdisciplinary program that develops personal and professional skills in the areas of critical thinking, implementing innovations, evaluation, communication, and leadership.

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Key Dates

Important Program Dates:

Registration is open for Summer 2016 Course. 

Please contact program manager for registration fees.

Course fees include participation in the 2nd Global Non-Communicable Disease Research Meeting: “Global Partnerships to Advance NCD Research within the Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

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Emory University
Rollins School of Public Health
Claudia Nance Rollins Building
1518 Clifton Road, CNR 7040-L
Atlanta, GA 30322

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