Katia Gallegos, MSc, PhD

Health Researcher, Department of Epidemiological Investigation and Health Services

Mexican Social Security Institute


Katia Gallegos, MSc, PhD is a health researcher in the Department of Epidemiological Investigation and Health Services at the Mexican Social Security Institute. She received her doctoral degree in public health sciences specializing in health systems from the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico. Dr. Gallegos has a bachelor’s in Human Communication from the Autonomous University of Morelos State and Master degree in Health Sciences from the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP) with a specializing in health systems.  Dr. Gallegos has been a professor in the sciences master's program at Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and at National Institute of Public Health, where she has taught Research Methodology, Health Programs Assessment and Comparative Analysis of Health Systems. She has worked on studies assessing the impact of lifestyle on the risk for developing non-communicable diseases, and the impact of healthy lifestyles to both prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. Her research work has had emphasis in proposals linking several actors of the health systems beyond healthcare, therefore she is convinced of the usefulness of the joint work with decisions makers to translate and use the scientific evidence to prevent and improve the health conditions of the population with non-communicable diseases.

Project Title: Factors influencing levels of attachment to a frame of reference to increase physical activity in hypertensive patients in a social security institution in Mexico