Omar Silverman, MD, MSc

Research Assistant, Health Systems and Services Innovation Division

National Institute of Public Health, Mexico


Omar Silverman, MD, MSc is an epidemiologist in the Health Systems and Services Innovation Division of the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico.  Dr. Silverman received his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos and his Master degree from the Public Health School of Mexico.  Dr. Silverman has collaborated in the type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk Unit at INSP in projects like case control studies of multiple sclerosis, ageing survey, EsMaestras cohort study, but mainly in the chronic disease component of a cross sectional study conducted in 6 Mexico City prisons. He is also an online teacher in chronic disease prevention, obstetric emergency prevention, and in basic applied statistics focused on migration and HIV research. His core activity for the last cycle in the Health Economics Division has been data analysis on prisoner’s health, including how the time exposed to the prison is related to health outcomes and behaviors; quality of care of inmates with NCDs, drug consumption, and hepatitis C virus infection.

Project Title: Management of research groups: Are better management practices related to high-performers research groups?