Program Summary

Intructor Ed Gregg leads a session on Natural Experiments Design.

The program entails a yearly, three-week, intensive multi-disciplinary Summer Academy in Atlanta. Eligible participants will also participate in an eleven-month in-country mentored practical experience.  Participants in the full year program will be paired with experienced, public health experts to identify, design, and carry out projects at their home institutions. During this time, they will participate in distance learning modules that will include teamwork exercises to foster international collaborations and provide peer learning opportunities. Participants will not only benefit from the experience of their in-country mentors, but will be a part of a global network of peers and mentors with whom they can exchange ideas and share knowledge. 

The year-long program runs from June – May, and includes:

  • Intensive, three week course at Emory University in Atlanta, USA
  • Leadership profile assessment with individualized feedback
  • Nine months in-country mentoring by national and international public health leaders
  • Distance learning webinars, independent readings, and group learning opportunities
  • Access to faculty and mentors from numerous global institutions