Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  I am not from India or Mexico.  May I appy to the program and receive funding to participate in the funded program?

Only public health professionals from Mexico and India are eligible to apply for and participate in the year-long, NIH-funded program.

2. I am not from India or Mexico, but the program is of great interst.  Can I apply to participate?

Yes, Applicants from other countries may apply to attend the summer academy, however, they are not eligible to receive funding through the program. Read more...

3. If I am from India or Mexico and am not accecpted, can I still attend the summer session?

Yes, applicants from India and Mexico who are not accepted into the full, year-long program have the option of re-applying to particpate as self-funded participants.  These applicants can either pay the fees themselves, or find sponsorship to attend the summer program.