Manoj Joshi, PGDHHM

Senior Program Coordinator

Public Health Foundation of India


Mr. Manoj Joshi is a Senior Program Coordinator at the Public Health Foundation of India, working on capacity building training programs for primary care physicians in NCDs. He graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Life Sciences and possess a Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Hospital Management from the International Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR), New Delhi. Mr. Joshi has significant expertise in developing and implementing evidence based programs and Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks for large-scale public health programs. He has worked with a USAID funded project led by EngenderHealth and the John Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs, and with ICRA Management Consulting Services, National Health System Resource Center, and UNICEF. Mr. Joshi’s areas of interests lie in public health planning and management, health impact assessment and implementation, NCDs, quality assurance, and monitoring and evaluation. Having a background of health management, Mr. Joshi's goal is to support and enhance the usage of management within health care and to find the optimal solutions to reduce gaps in the public health domain. In the PH-Leader Program he hopes to learn more from leaders around the world and further develop his skills and insights in managing public health issues.